Thursday, November 6, 2014

Adventures in Canning: Southwestern Black Bean Soup

 Southwestern Black Bean Soup
    I started canning about 5 years and I really enjoy it.  However lately we just haven't had the time with all our home projects and other hobbies. Well,  I just picked up a new pressure cooker after my last ones seal wore out and it was all the inspiration I needed to get back into it.  A year ago...we did have a pantry full of stocks, broths, soups, and canned beans but we have since used up all our storage.  This left me antsy as I love the look of a full pantry that is ready for anything!  My husband is in LOVE with the black bean soup (it's vegan) that they sell at Costco, he takes it to work almost everyday. I was determined to search out a recipe so I could can some for him.  So I began searching the internet, the recipes were all over the place with cook times and ingredients.  So I settled for a basic black bean soup recipe that I would tweak to make my own.  The basic black bean canning recipe can be found here: .  What is nice about it is that it includes both stove top directions and canning directions so there is no pressure to run out and get a pressure cooker if you don't already have one, since you can throw it right into a stockpot and go.
The first thing I did was sanitize the jars, then I let the beans soak in them for a day in 1 quart jars. 
Beans soaking in water over night
Next you rinse the beans and clean your jars again.    After your jars are prepared  you put the beans back into the jar.  Add all the ingredients as listed in the link I gave you.  Here are some modifications I did to put a southwestern spin on the soup:  Swapped red onion for white onion, swapped jalapenos for green chilis, added diced tomatoes and added corn.  You can really play with it and make it your own just be sure to add hot water to it after your ingredients and leave about 1 inch space at the top of the jar
Add your ingredients, fill with hot water, leave space at the top

I used 1 quart jars
After everything is in the jar, you've added the hot water, you've remembered to leave about 1 inch space you can seal them up and prepare your pressure cooker. 
Pressure cooker,  doesn't actually hold 4 like my old one :(
I realized that after the photo. I had to cook them 2 at a time in the center.

I cooked these on high on my stove top in the pressure cooker for 90 minutes.
That's it!! Your house will smell amazing!!!

Bon Appétit,

Recipe adapted from  Photos by Laura Spear



  1. You dont have to buy a new canner....just buy a new sealing ring!

  2. You dont have to buy a new canner....just buy a new sealing ring!


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